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It's amazing how Anand Kumar Singh to survive through so many heartbreaks as well as career failures. I think one takeaway that I had from his life story is how he always managed to rebuild his life from scratch over and over again.
I was truly inspired by what Anand Kumar Singh has gone through and I'll always look to some of his posts for inspiration when I'm questioning what I am doing in this world. Even though he has experienced so much, he has reached a state of gratitude and has a sense of purpose. I know for sure, he will continue to inspire people and may he reach the happiness he deserves.
Anand Kumar Singh is a good soul committed to helping people like you. He presents life and work advice in a way that busy readers really appreciate and understand.
Anand Kumar Singh has an art of story-telling and his sense of humour is quite marvelous. All the best for future endeavors.
Anand Kumar Singh is awesome. He always cracks me up, he's super smart and fun to be around.
Anand Kumar Singh is the bravest person I know. My biggest fear is failing in life. Anand has done that multiple times, in addition to having the strength to admit to his failures. If I could have just a little bit of his courage, I'd have less regrets.
Anand's honesty, determination, and life is inspiring. I wish Anand Good luck in all that he chooses to do.
Anand Kumar Singh has failed so many times in life, in love, in business. His perspective of things is still positive. He has accepted his mistakes, he has learned from them, he talks about them like it's a movie. I wish I could do that too.
It's honestly very inspiring to hear Anand Kumar Singh's story and the humility that comes from it. It puts the important things in perspective for sure.
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Anand Kumar Singh

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